Andalusiitti 2,4ct

Andalusiitti 2,4ct
Andalusiitti 2,4ct
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Andalusiitti / andalusite

Alkuperä (todennäköinen) : Brasilia

Paino ( ct noin ) : 2,4

Mitat ( mm noin ) : 9,8 x 7,2 x 4,1 mm

Hionta : viistehiottu

Puhtaus : TL

                       Erinomainen       Erittäin hyvä           Hyvä       ”kakkosluokkaa”

Hionta                         X

Loisto                                                   X

Väri                                                                                X

Ominaista : viistehiottu andalusiitti ovaali, hieman läpikuultava 

hakusanoja: andalusiitti,jalokivi,vvs,if,värinvaihto,briljantti,värinvaihto,multicolour

Andalusite is best known for its strong pleochroism and it's unusual color which is frequently a mixture of both red and green. It isn't considered to be a color change stone but it frequently shows two colors, (red and green) at the same time. Rough crystals will often show green in one direction and red in another. The color is difficult to match on any any standard color chart.

Known Facts
Refractive Index::1.628 - 1.647
Chemical Composition:Al2SiO5
Hardness:7 - 7.5
Density:3.13 - 3.21
Crystal Group:Orthorhombic
Ocurrence:Brazil, Sri Lanka, Spain, East Africa, Burma, U.S.A.

Andalusite is popular as a collector stone but is seldom used in jewelry probably because of it's unavailability. With a hardness of 7 - 7.5 andalusite is tough enough to be used in jewelry. Andalusite, especially in the rough, can easily be confused with alexandrite because of similarities in color.